07 December 2022
Ongoing projects

Rosewood4.0 -  EU network pf regions On SustainableE WOOD mobilization ready for Digitalization  
  WoodCircus - Underpinning the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bioeconomy 
    BASAJAUN - Building a SustainAble Joint between rurAl and UrbaN areas Theough Circular and Innovative Wood Construction Value Chains
ALLVIEW - ALliance of Centers of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood Sector 
ENCOURAGING SUnRISE - ENCOURAGING Training SKills in the fuRniture and woodworking Industries through an innovative Simulation-basEd approach 
    All Hands on Deck - European Work Heritage in Shipwright for Present and for Future  
SMARTRAIN - Bridging pivotal competencies from VET curricula to co-creation in furniture design 
GISTFostering digitalisation and bionic transformation of SMEs through the development of a novel and innovative training material for overcoming COVID-19 crisis


Completed projects

FUNES - Furniture new European skills 2020 

RERAM - Resource Efficiency and Raw Material Use in the Forest-based Sector of Eastern Europe

CTC - Close to Customer
Trees4Future - Designing Trees for the future 
ECOINFLOW - Energy Control by Information Control
CelluWood - Laminated Strong Eco-Material for Building Construction of Cellulose-Strengthened Wood 

PerformWood - Performance standards for wood in construction - delivering consumer service life need 
WoodSens -Developing and implementing formaldehyde online-senor systems in wood-based panel

EFORWOOD - Sustainability Impact Assesment of the Forestry-Wood Chain
  ModelPACK - Advanced Quality Prediction Tool for Knowledge-Driven Packaging Design and Manufacturing
KnowFORWood  - Transfer of innovative practices in the Vocational Education & Training to Slovenian Wood Sector
WOOD EMC² - European Manager Construction Certification

   DIPP - The Development of Innovative Particleboard Panels for a better mechanical performance and a lower environmental impact
  CHANGE-UP - Change Management in the Upholstered Furniture 
  The InnovaWood SSA - An Innovation Strategy to Integrate Industry Needs and Research capability in the European Forestry-Wood Chain
InnovWoodEDU - Expanding good practice in vocational education and training in the Forestry-Wood Chain sector through the InnovaWood network
Woodism - Specific Support Action
ArchiWood - Leonardo da Vinci projcet



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