05 December 2023

EU Projects and Initiatives



BASAJAUNBuilding a SustainAble Joint between rurAl and UrbaN areas Theough Circular and Innovative Wood Construction Value Chains. H2020 862942, IA 2019-2023, 10M€, 29 partners. IW members Tecnalia, FCBA, RISE, WKI, TUM, L-PIT, BASKEGUR. Coord. Tecnalia, Spain. cordis/862942 | basajaun-horizon.eu
ECOREFIBRE. Ecological Solutions for Recovery of Secondary Raw Materials from Postconsumer Fibreboards. HE 101057473, IA 2022-2026, 11.9M€, 20 partners. IW members SLU, FCBA, ESB, IHD, NIBIO. Coord. SLU, Sweden. cordis/101057473 ecorefibre.eu

5G - Timber. Secure 5G-Enabled Twin Transition for Europes's TIMBER Industry Sector. HE 101058505, IA 2022-2026, 7.9M€, 16 partners. IW member TalTech. Coord. by TalTech, Estonia. cordis/101058505  | 5g-timber.eu

AEGIR. DigitAl and physical incrEmenta|l renovation packaGes / systems enhancing envIronmental and energetic behaviour and use of Resources. (Built4People). HE 101079961, IA 2022-2027,10.5M€, 29 partners. IW members Tecnalia, WKI. Coord. Tecnalia, Spain. cordis/101079961 | aegirproject.eu
WoodCircus. Underpinning the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bio-Economy. H2020 820892, CSA 2018 - 2021. IW members FCBA, InnoRenew, Tecnalia, COSMOB, LUKE, BASKEGUR. Coord. VTT, Finland. cordis/820892 | woodcircus.eu 





Wood4Bauhaus. Wood Sector Alliance for the New European Bauhaus. NEB partner platform of main umbrella organizations IW, EPF, CEI-Bois, EOS, EFBWW, InnoRenew CoE. wood4bauhaus.eu


WoodRise Alliance. Global Network for the Promotion of Medium to High-rise Timber Building. Joint platform of 25 organizations from 18 international countries. woodrise.org | woodrise2022.eu | woodrise-congress.com 

DigiNEB.eu. Digital Ecosystem for the New European Bauhaus. Digital EUrope 101083743, CSA 2022-2024, 1m€, 6 parters. Coord. Trust-It, Italy. digineb.eu
EUFORE. European Forest Research and innovation ecosystem. HE101081788, RIA 2022-2026, 4M€, 16 partners. IW members LUKE, Tecnalia. Coord. EFI, Finland. cordis/101081788 | eufore.eu


ROSEWOOD4.0. European Network of Regions on wood mobilisation ready for digitalistion. H2020 mobilisation ready for digitalisation. H2020-RUR 862681, CSA 2020-2022, 2M€, 22 partners. IW members LUKE, HCS, MUNLV, BFH, CESEFOR, ISA, CLUBE, L-PIT. Coord. Steinbeis Europa, Germany. cordis/862681 | rosewood-network.eu


Resonate. Resilient forest value chains - enhancing resilience through natural and socio-economic responses. HE 101000574, RIA 2021 - 2025, 5M€20 partners.  IW members BOKU, LUKE, INRAE. Coord. EFI, Germany. 


ONEforest. A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for A Common Foresst Management to Strengthen Forest Resilience, Harmonise Stakeholder Interests and Ensure Sustainable Wood Flows. HE 10100046, RIA 2021-2024, 5.2M€, 20 partners. IW members TU Rosenheim, CESEFOR. Coord. TU Rosenheim.  cordis/101000406 | oneforest.eu





    ALLVIEW. Alliance of Centers of Vocational Excellence in the Furniture and Wood Sector. Erasmus+ 621192, 2020-2024, 22 partners. IW members CETEM, Uni of Ljubljana, Woodwize, FCBA. Coord. CETEM, Spain. allview.eu  
      GIST. Fostering digitalization and bionic transformation of SMEs through the development of a novel and innovative training material for overcoming COVID-19 crisis. Erasmus+ 008154, 2021-2023. 6 partners. IW member CETEM. Coord.KIT, Germany. gist-project.eu
    All Hands on Deck 360. Rejuvenating the shipwright workforce and attracting young learners using immersive learning technologies. Erasmus+ 000087373, 2022-2025. 5 partners. IW member CETEM. Coord. CETEM, Spain. ahod360.infoproject.eu 

SMARTRAIN. Bridging pivotal competencies from VET curricula to co-creation in furniture design. Erasmus+ 082778, 2020-2022. 6 partners. IW members AIDIMME, Woodwize, ENAIP, COSMOB. Coord. AIDIMME, Spain. smartrain.eu 
All Hands on Deck. European Work Heritage in Shipwright for Present and for Future. Erasmus+ 065201, 2019-2021. 6 partners. IW members CETEM. Coord. University of Murcia, Spain. allhandsondeck.eu
ENCOURAGING SUnRISE. ENCOURAGING Training SKills in the fuRniture and woodworking Industries through an innovative Simulation-basEd approach. Erasmus+ 065631, 2020-2022. 7 partners. IW member CETEM, PULS. Coord. PULS, Poland. encouragingsunrise.eu 
       EQ-WOOD. European Quality Qualifications for the Woodwork and Furniture Industry. Erasmus+ 591939, 2018-2021. 11 partners. IW members Woodwize, AIDIMME. Coord. FederlegnoArredo, Italy. eqwood.org   



Completed projects

       FUNES - Furniture new European skills 2020 

RERAM - Resource Efficiency and Raw Material Use in the Forest-based Sector of Eastern Europe

CTC - Close to Customer
Trees4Future - Designing Trees for the future 
ECOINFLOW - Energy Control by Information Control
CelluWood - Laminated Strong Eco-Material for Building Construction of Cellulose-Strengthened Wood 

PerformWood - Performance standards for wood in construction - delivering consumer service life need 
WoodSens -Developing and implementing formaldehyde online-senor systems in wood-based panel

EFORWOOD - Sustainability Impact Assesment of the Forestry-Wood Chain
  ModelPACK - Advanced Quality Prediction Tool for Knowledge-Driven Packaging Design and Manufacturing
KnowFORWood  - Transfer of innovative practices in the Vocational Education & Training to Slovenian Wood Sector
WOOD EMC² - European Manager Construction Certification

   DIPP - The Development of Innovative Particleboard Panels for a better mechanical performance and a lower environmental impact
  CHANGE-UP - Change Management in the Upholstered Furniture 
  The InnovaWood SSA - An Innovation Strategy to Integrate Industry Needs and Research capability in the European Forestry-Wood Chain
InnovWoodEDU - Expanding good practice in vocational education and training in the Forestry-Wood Chain sector through the InnovaWood network
Woodism - Specific Support Action
ArchiWood - Leonardo da Vinci projcet



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