05 December 2023
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Funding: Leonardo da Vinci 
Duration: 01/10/2006-31/03/2008
Partners: EU Partners



Charles Harper
InnovaWood Ltd.


ArchiWood - Leonardo da Vinci

 The main objectives of the project were to: identify the needs of architects in training, to develop a multimedia tool for dissemination amongst European schools and to evaluate the use and applicability of such a tool. The planned objectives were met through a management plan and operational process that was objective and performance oriented.

 The needs of architects in training were established, utilising the experience and knowledge of the University partners. Further information was acquired through the use of a basic questionnaire circulated in the early stages of the project. A number of innovative and contemporary construction projects were selected and extensive information and documentation about the projects was assembled. A methodology for the presentation of these projects to students was developed, the information was processed to a standard format and technical glossaries were assembled. A multimedia tool in a web-based CD format was developed by the partnership, and tested with a variety of potential users. The draft product was evaluated by general performance questionnaire, by detailed questionnaire and by an independent multimedia advisor.

 The final product presented is a CD ROM containing detailed information on 7 significant architectural buildings from throughout Europe. The information regarding each project is layered and divided into architectural elements. A balance between the esthetic and the technological has been met. Reference material has been used and a glossary of terms in many languages presented.




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