05 December 2023
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Funding: Leonardo da Vinci
Duration: 01/10/2006-31/03/2008
Partners: 13 EU Partners



Charles Harper
InnovaWood Ltd.


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InnovaWoodEDU - Expanding good practice in vocational education and training in the Forestry-Wood Chain sector through the InnovaWood network

InnovaWoodEDU was an eighteen month Transnational Network project involving 14 organisations in 13 countries. The Project targeted educational establishments; students and employers, within the Forest-Wood Chain sector in all 27 E.U countries.


The main objectives of the project were:

  • The building of a learning network, in which the knowledge of the member-organisations is pooled for use by all members,
  • The identification of skills gaps in Vocational Education and Training in the sector,
  • The merging of this Transnational Network with the existing European InnovaWood Network,
  • The development of a web-based information source to facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practice in VET in the forestry-wood chain (FWC) sector,
  • The organization of a European Workshop highlighting examples of good practice in Education in Europe in the FWC sector in the area of quality assurance,
  • The development of an InnovaWood Virtual Training Centre (dissemination platform).

The project specifically addressed the issues of knowledge deficit, developing methods for the analysis of existing skills requirements and forecasting the future need for new skills.

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