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24 January 2017
International survey on forest genetic resources - OPEN UNTIL 31 January 2017
By II @ 09:52 :: 1660 Views

The GenTree project has launched an international survey open to various stakeholders in the forest sector, such as forest managers, forest owners, policymakers, tree breeders, representatives of nurseries, seed harvesting or processing companies and the industry.

The objective is to collect and analyse the knowledge of different stakeholders on aspects related to conservation and sustainable use of forest resources, in particular, their genetic (intraspecific) diversity. So far over 150 responses were received however still there are missing input from tree breeders, tree nurseries or seed harvesting/processing companies, Industry (transformation, energy, etc) in ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, in particular from Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary).

Your answers to survey will help create realistic scenarios for adapting forests and forest management to a changing climate and evolving socio-economic concerns about natural products.

The survey is available at the following link and is open until the end of January 2017


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