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20 January 2015
CTC project: Wood-based panel supplier survey
By II @ 16:28 :: 3038 Views :: Members news

CTC project aims to develop new production models for customized furniture close to the customer in terms of personalization, manufacturing and delivery time. At this stage of the project the demonstration activities will start with the installation of the first demo “Production Units”. To feed the production units a raw material supply chain and logistic network has to be shaped. As partner in the CTC project (FP7 Factories of the Future programme), InnovaWood invites you to participate in the survey on wood-based panel suppliers around Europe which will help us to select the most appropriate suppliers for the demo production units.

The following questions should be asked:
- Which are the panel sizes (length, width and thickness) for laminated chipboard, plywood and MDF you produce?
- Price list of these panels?
- Do you offer customized cutting? If yes, which is the extra cost?
- Do you provide a transport service for the panels? If Yes, which is the extra-cost?
- Assuming ordering products already in stock and a distance from your company not exceeding the 50 kilometers, How much time on average is needed to supply the required material?

We would be very grateful if you could contact possible interested wooden panel suppliers in your country with the request to send us this information so they can be considered as a panel provider for the production units. All information on this short survey can be send by simple reply to Michele Vavallo at michele.vavallo@innovawood.com.

If any more information or clarification on the survey or project is wanted please contact Michele directly (michele.vavallo@innovawood.com).

Please feel free to forward this mail to any potentially interested contact or company.


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