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08 January 2009
Take part at the Schweighofer Prize 2009.
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New challenges have always been a source of inspiration and in­novation. A shortage of raw materials, increasing prices for energy and the dramatic climate change are only examples for what has to be tackled by the European Forest Based Sector. Innovative solu­tions are necessary in order to cope with the new conditions.

Take part at the Schweighofer Prize 2009. Show us how to keep the European Forest Based Sector both economically successful and ecologically sound.

Sincerely yours,
Schweighofer Family


The Schweighofer Prize awards innovative ideas, technologies, products and services concerning the whole value chain in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the European Forest Based Sector.

The Schweighofer Prize has been being presented every second year since 2003. It is endowed with total prize money of € 300,000 before tax. The prize is divided into one Main Prize and several Innovation Prizes.

All persons or groups of persons without regard to their level of training, their employment status or their age are invited to take part referring to the actual submission rules. Also organisations can submit proposals. In first line the Schweighofer Prize aims to draw attention to those people, who have already contributed to a prosperous development of the European Woodworking Sector or who are going to develop innovative solutions.

The jury evaluates the formal and technical eligibility of the pro­posals. The members of the jury are sworn to secrecy.


• Alfred Teischinger (chairman): Head of the Institute of Wood Science and Technology, BOKU Vienna

• Bo Borgström: Honorary President CEI-Bois

• Georg Erlacher: CEO Österreichische Bundesforste AG

• Matti Kairi: Head of the Institute of Wood Technology, HUT Helsinki

• Josef Rettenmeier: CEO Rettenmeier Holding AG

• Manfred Brandstätter: Managing Director Holzforschung Austria

The jury's decision is final and its records are not public. Legal recourse is excluded.

More information here.
Prize Call 2009


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