25 April 2024
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 What can ToSIA be used?

In three years EFORWOOD will have completed its task of developing TOSIA as a well-founded and reliable tool and handed it over to the Forest Wood Chain sector, the EU and the public at large. With this, all stakeholders around the FWC – from forest owners and lobbyists to the Commission officials and corporation analysts – will have a common reference tool available. This could change things.
Here is a purely imaginative story to show how.

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Author:  Bo Jellesmark Thorsen - KVL

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Internet database on forest models
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A technical report documenting the results of the MCA and CBA procedures for a regional-defined single chain in Baden-Wurttemberg
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Summary analysis report on consumers, wood based products and substitutes in the light of the forestry-wood chain sustainability concept including the identification of hot spots
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