26 February 2024

What is the ToSIA tool?

The Decision Support Tool ToSIA (Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment) is the predominant product of EFORWOOD. It represents a dynamic sustainability impact assessment model that is analysing environmental, economic, and social impacts of changes in forestry-wood production chains, using a consistent and harmonised framework from the forest to the end-of-life of final products.

Figue1. The basic flow of the use of the ToSIA application, Figure 2. Results graphical visualizations on WebToSIA .

ToSIA will be applied on different regional data sets, which have been collected within the EFORWOOD project – e.g. Baden-Württemberg Case Study with emphasis on an increasing demand for forest bio-energy in future, or the Scandinavian Case Study where different technology scenarios are assessed. The results do not only give a holistic picture on the current status of the region’s forest value chains in terms of e.g. employment figures, production costs or CO2 emissions, but also make it possible to evaluate the impacts on sustainability of potential developments in future as a consequence of increasing demand for forest bio-energy.

Some specific examples in which ToSIA could be used are: projection of the banning impactsrestricting the size of clear cuttings or seeting limits for the amount of toxic waste released by the industry. The user may also wish to used this tool to study the impacts of the extranl trends such as a change in the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The difference between ToSIA and other similar, already existing, tools is that none of those addresses all three sustainability dimensions (environmental, economical and social) along the whole FWC in a balanced way.

ToSIA - Questions

ToSIA is primarily designed to give answers to WHAT IF? - questions. What-if:  

  • EU introduces new policies on e.g. energy / transport / recycling / habitat protection?
  • Wooden frames in houses are doubled?
  • Global market changes?
  • Oil prices doubles?
ToSIA will be able to:
  • Assess sustainability impacts of changes in a FWC as influenced by external and internal drivers.
  • Assess material flows along a Forestry-wood Chain (FWC).
  • Assess indicator values (economic, social and environmental) for processes defined for a FWC.

How it will work?

ToSIA tool is developed at the three different scales:

  • Single FWC applications,
  • FWC analysis in Case Studies with regional focus,
  • European FWC analysis.

The ambition is to cover 60-80 % of material flows in the whole European FWCs, including all major forest types, production lines and wood based products.

The modelling framework is based on the following components: Project modules (M1-M5), Database, Software.

ToSIA receives inputs from the EFORWOOD database and software users. The database provides information about indicator values for each alternative process along the chain. The user selects a FWC for a given study level (e.g. a Case Study) and the system will then provide detailed information about indicator values and sustainability indices for every level considered along the chain (modules, processes). By comparing different alternative FWCs, sustainability impacts of external drivers and internal FWC innovations can be evaluated using Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA).


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