25 April 2024

What future can we expect?

Changes in the sustainability of the FWC will be analysed using scenarios of future conditions. The scenarios will result in alternative FWCs with different sustainability impacts compared to the current FWCs. EFORWOOD set of 4 scenarios (Policy, Planet, People and Production) aims to describe divergent futures against two so-called reference futures (i.e. ‘benchmark’ scenarios with dynamics, but without major policy interventions), derived from the IPCC A1 and B2 scenarios. These are applied to the three regional cases, and to the European scale Forest Wood Chain (FWC). ToSIA is tested on various scenarios.


  A1 reference future

  B2 reference future



Internet database on forest models
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A technical report documenting the results of the MCA and CBA procedures for a regional-defined single chain in Baden-Wurttemberg
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Summary analysis report on consumers, wood based products and substitutes in the light of the forestry-wood chain sustainability concept including the identification of hot spots
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