22 January 2022

InnovaWood Special Service Package

InnovaWood Special Service Package provides tailor-made support actions for the members within their individual European activities

InnovaWood Special Service Package provides a fixed package of specific individual and personalised services to the InnovaWood members in order to increase their European activities and exposure in a more effective and cost-efficient way.

Signing up for InnovaWood Special Service Package includes a certain number of working hours of the InnovaWood Secretariat exclusively reserved for and dedicated to your own activities; you will be free to choose how to use these hours. In addition, you will be able to use the meeting room facilities in the European Forestry House. The Special Service Package includes a fee reduction for InnovaWood events and at the end of the year you will be invited to an exclusive event in Brussels. This highly relevant event will be entirely dedicated to the Special Service Package members interests and your cross-sectoral activities in Europe.

Services included in InnovaWood Special Service Package

1. Full membership InnovaWood Network
The InnovaWood Special Service Package includes the registration for a full membership of the InnovaWood network.

2. Use of the Secretary’s time
The Secretary can act as local contact person for the member, in order to carry out member’s tasks in Brussels:
- Carrying out actual information meetings for the members with representatives of EU bodies or institutions;
- Contacting, arranging and preparing meetings or events with representatives from the EU bodies/institutions;
- Assistance with the preparation of individual project proposals, including meetings with EU representatives, to discuss and lobby project ideas and to orient project proposals, in line with the demands of the European Commission and other funding bodies;
- Technical assistance in the preparation of project documents according to the requirements of the different funding schemes; preparation of technical text proposals and financial documents; administrative support with submission procedures;
- Establishment of close relationships with EU representatives involved in the preparation and evaluation of the member’s project proposal. Promotion of the project proposal and tightening of the distance between the member and the EU for specific project proposals;
- Present, defend and lobby members’ project proposals at specific evaluation Commissions;
- Receiving post and goods, printing and personal delivery of documents to the European Commission or other European funding bodies;
- Provide a hot desk in the European Forestry House, including, internet, phone, fax and printing facilities;
- Support any other task the members wish to carry out in Brussels.

3. Reduced participation fee at IW events
The Special Service Package members get a reduction of € 75 at all IW events.

4. Use of the InnovaWood meeting room
The members will be able to use the meeting room in the European Forestry House. Its central location is ideal for organising consortium meetings of European projects.
- Availability of a fully-equipped meeting room with capacity for up to 35 persons;
- Coffee, tea and refreshments during breaks;
- Computer, beamer and flip chart available;
- Preparation of the meeting (reservation of catering, refreshments, room set up);
- Supply of practical information (hotel recommendations, travel advice).

5. Attendance at an exclusive yearly event in Brussels
The event will last 2 days and focus on the improvement of the members’ representation within Europe. It will aim at networking both between the members themselves and with third parties. It will also help gain experiences from other sectors .
The members that registered for the Special Service Package will have the opportunity to decide which topics will be handled in the workshop. Proposed topics are:
- EU consortium building and networking;
- EU project management;
- Success stories in RTD. Key-note speakers from inside and outside the sector;
- Presentation of success stories to learn from other sectors;
- Workshop on standardisation and testing;
- Workshop on e-Learning and establishment of internet courses;
- Field trip;
- Social event.
The event will be exclusive to InnovaWood members that purchased the Special Service Package. Participation is only possible by personal invitation.

Registration fee

The Special Service Package registration fee covers the complete package of services for a fixed yearly price, including registration for the exclusive event in Brussels. The fee will cover the full InnovaWood membership fee and a fixed number of the extra service items described above. It is possible to purchase additional services for a fixed price per unit. These services can only be purchases by members that signed up for the Special Service Package. The services that can be purchased extra are:

  • Added use of the Secretary’s time
  • Added use of the InnovaWood meeting room
  • Attendance for extra person at exclusive event

General conditions for subscription

- All organisations eligible for InnovaWood membership have the opportunity to sign up for InnovaWood Special Service Package.
- The InnovaWood Special Service Package has a duration of 1 year and is automatically prolonged at the beginning of each year. To terminate the Special Service Package the member needs to inform the Secretariat in the beginning of the year at the latest by the General Assembly.
- In order to manage individual Special Service Package in the best possible way the registration period will be closed two weeks after the General Assembly.
- InnovaWood members, not part of the Special Service Package scheme, are not able to obtain the services proposed in the package separately. This is to ensure the continuity and planning of the InnovaWood Secretariat’s work, for the benefit of the InnovaWood network in general and the services included in the Special Service Package.

How to register?

Please download the registration form and send it to the InnovaWood Secretariat at office@innovawood.com.

Please contact the InnovaWood secretariat if any more information on the Special Service Package is wanted.


Included services and benefits
  • Full membership of the InnovaWood network
  • Exclusive use of the InnovaWood Secretary’s time
  • Reduced participation fee at IW events
  • Use of the InnovaWood meeting room in Brussels
  • Attendance at an exclusive event in Brussels
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