26 February 2024

Membership services

Information updates

·         IW Newsletter: informing about news, new members, ongoing projects of members and activities from the network

·         IW European Funding Navigator: regular update on European funding programmes and open call for proposals

·         IW Event Calendar: list of conferences, fairs and other events in the science community and the forest-based sector


·        IW General Assembly: annual meeting of the network, co-hosted by IW and a member organisation, usually with a 2-days programme including a social dinner and an excursion. Possibilities for members to disseminate research results and projects (posters, presentations). Optional hybrid format will be explored.

·        IW webinars: new online format to engage with members in regular intervals.

·        Project meetings and advisory boards: Members can gain insight into ongoing consortia as external guests or advisors (by invitation).

Information on demand

·        IW Contact database: detailed address book of IW’s multiple contacts from conferences, meetings, projects, proposals, EU stakeholders and national actors. Reference for partnering requests from members.

·        IW Project database: list of past and ongoing European projects under various funding schemes with topics of relevance to the forest-based sector, categorized according to various keywords, including data on funding amounts and participating organisations. Excerpts are provided on request.

·        Sharing and dissemination of project progress and results

·        Advice and partner search within the network during proposal preparation

Information about/from your organisation

·         Announcement of your membership and news from your organization in the InnovaWood members newsletter

·         Permission to use of InnovaWood logo on your website and in marketing materials

·         Your requests circulated to the network, e.g., job postings, announcement of your events or training offers, requests to participate in surveys, etc.

·         Forwarding of your contact data in case of suitable requests

·         Helping to push visibility of your social media channels 


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