22 January 2022

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Who can join InnovaWood?

InnovaWood is open for membership from Institutions and Organisations from all European countries at the discretion of the executive board subject to the general assembly. InnovaWood is not open for membership by individual persons (except for Honorary Members).

To qualify for membership, the member Institutions or Organisations of InnovaWood have to be able to demonstrate established competency in research, education, training, technology transfer and/or skills development in the sciences and technologies pertaining to forestry, wood and wood products and / or furniture, including their application and utilisation, with a minimum experience of five years. The activity should relate specifically to two or more of the following fields:

  • research on forestry, wood or wood based products and components, on wood processing or on ancillary products, including furniture
  • training, education and skills development in forestry, wood and/or furniture
  • control of products and production processes, including certification at national and international levels,
  • standardisation and production of technical requirements at national and/or international level
  • technical assistance at all levels of the forestry - wood chain and furniture, in support of producers as well as private or public wood product users
  • provision of information and technical publications used for technology transfer in the forestry - wood chain and furniture field
Membership structure

Full or Corresponding Membership of the InnovaWood Network is open to Organisations / Institutions and Industry Federations/Associations at the European level who are well established and active in the fields of RTD and/or Training and Education in the sectors of Forestry, Wood Technology and/or furniture, and are based within the European Area

Corporate Membership is open to Industrial companies based within the European Area and with essentially commercial and trading interests in the Sectors of Forestry, Wood Technology and/or furniture

Affiliated Full Member' or an 'Affiliated Corresponding Member' is open to Organisations / Institutions based in countries classed as Accession Countries to the European Union and who otherwise qualify in accordance with the qualifications described above.

Honorary Membership may be granted to individual persons who have made exceptional personal contributions to the objectives of InnovaWood and to the advancement of forestry, wood and furniture sector. Honorary Members may not represent Organisations or Institutions.

Become a member

Any candidate Institution or Organisation can apply by sending a letter in which they convey their candidature to the InnovaWood Secretariat. The InnovaWood Secretariat can be contacted at office@innovawood.com.

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