22 January 2022
WTI - Ionic liquid

Wood Technology Institute, Poznan, Poland

Ionic liquids – new generation wood preservatives

As a result of several years’ primary and application research on ionic liquids – a new generation of quaternary ammonium salts, especially their effect on wood and micro-organisms destroying lignocellulose, the Wood Technology Institute (together with the Chemical Technology Department at the Poznań University of Technology) has developed new biocides. These include so far not described alkylammonium, alkylimidazolium and alkylpirydynium derivatives with an environmentally-friendly anion as well as ‘gemini’ salts with intensified biocidal properties against Basidiomycotina and Ascomycotina.


This achievement allowed the Wood Technology Institute to maintain its top world position in the realm of research on the effects of ionic liquids on wood. The research results have been published in foreign magazines within the Philadelphia list i.e. Green Chemistry, Holzforschung, Wood Science and Technology.


Research team: Prof. dr hab. Juliusz Pernak, dr inż. Jadwiga Zabielska-Matejuk, doc. dr hab. Andrzej Fojutowski, dr Andrzej Skrzypczak , Developed by: dr inż Jadwiga Zabielska- Matejuk


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