30 November 2021
University of Gottingen - INTERLACE TREATMENT

Department of Wood Biology and Wood Technology, University of Göttingen, Germany

INTERLACE TREATMENT: A wood modification process transferred from the textile industry

Since 2001, the research group at the Institute of Wood Biology and Wood
Technology in Göttingen have investigated various chemicals for the use in wood modification. One promising chemical is one that has been applied in the textiles industry for some time- Dimethyloldihydroxyethyleneurea (DMDHEU).



The research team at Göttingen has demonstrated a wide range of improved properties, with treatments carried out to semi-commercial g y g , scale. The potential of the treatment was recognized in the award of the Schweighofer Innovation Prize in 2007. The commercial application of DMDHEU Interlace treatments is being explored by BASF under the trade name Belmadur. Early results are encouraging, with further advances and sales expected in the near future.

The research team at Göttingen is led by Professor Holger Militz, with several postgraduate and post-doctoral staff engaged in development work.


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