22 January 2022
(Structural Timber Education Program)

STEP is an international publication of contemporary expert lectures dealing with all aspects of timber, from material properties to the behavior of timber structures. It was assembled by 49 experts from 14 different countries. In addition to providing a pan-European view of the state-of-the-art in Timber Engineering, STEP also provides an in-depth background to the European Timber Design Code - EUROCODE 5.

The STEP lectures are an invaluable reference for all those involved or interested in timber as a construction or design material - engineers, architects, designers, building inspectors, the timber trade in general and lecturers and students in the areas of construction/civil engineering and architecture. The information is presented in such a way that it can be used for lecturing and information purposes at all levels: from university undergraduates to practising engineer

STEP BOOKS consists of two volumes and an accompanying set of 350 high-quality slides.

The two volumes cover the following areas:

Volum 1 (Comprise 55 lectures)
Area A: Basic Design and Material Properties (19 lectures )
Area B: Structural Components (17 lectures)
Area C: Joints (19 lectures )

  Volum 2 (Comprise 49 lectures)
Area D: Design - Details (11 lectures)
Area E: Design - Structural systems (28 lectures)



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