24 April 2018

Strategy Priorities/Vision

InnovaWood overall aim

The overall aim of InnovaWood is to bring business benefit to the forestry, wood, wood-based materials, timber in construction and furniture process chains by providing a forum for its membership organisations to contribute more effectively (within the scope of their activities) to the development of the forestry, wood processing, wood products, wood construction and furniture industries in the framework of increasing the competitiveness of the European industries following the general policies of the European Union.

InnovaWood Strategic Goals

To realise its overall aim, InnovaWood concentrates on the following areas of strategy:

  • The Development of Human Capital – PEOPLE;
  • Support for New Ideas – RESEARCH;
  • Promote Cooperation – PARTNERSHIPS.

The Development of Human Capital – PEOPLE
InnovaWood seeks to attract people (entrepreneurs, managers, collaborators, researchers, students etc.) to the sector and to continuously develop their competencies in response to industrial, societal and consumer needs.

Support for New Ideas – RESEARCH
InnovaWood brings together and facilitates actions that support members to develop new ideas for a better and competitive use of wood through actions in fundamental and applied research, education and training in conjunction with relevant stakeholder groups.

Promote Cooperation – PARTNERSHIPS
InnovaWood provides a platform for its members to network and to create consortia and partnerships among themselves as well as between the provider community and relevant stakeholder groups including policy makers, enterprise and end users.

Such networking and partnerships also provides policy makers, enterprises, institutions and society with a better infrastructure and improved CAPABILITIES to advance Europe’s Forest-Based Industries’ (FBI) competitiveness.

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