05 December 2023
our history

Our History

InnovaWood is an umbrella organisation that integrates major research institutions and technical centres in forestry, woodworking and furniture into one network to support innovation, research, skills development and knowledge transfer. In 2001, the four main research and education networks in the sector jointly launched the InnovaWood initiative:

·         Eurifi: the European Association of Research Institutes for Furniture, promoting research and technical assistance to the furniture sector

·         Eurofortech: EU network for education, training and technology transfer in the wood and forestry sector

·         Euroligna: EU network for advanced wood processing and engineering education and technology transfer

·         Eurowood: European timber technical centres and wood research organisations providing technical advice to industry and European research projects

In 2003, these four networks formally merged and the InnovaWood network was founded in Dublin, Ireland. In 2010, the InnovaWood Secretariat was officially registered in Brussels.

Since its beginning, InnovaWood has launched and was involved in a multitude of European projects. It has a long track record of coordinating and managing projects under various European Commission programmes including FP5, FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020, Leonardo da Vinci, CIP Eco-Innovation, CIP IEE, Marie-Curie, Erasmus+ and EIP RM commitments. Its large EU-wide network has been commonly used for European surveys, validation and dissemination of project results in the multiple domains of the forest-based sector. InnovaWood has also been in active in stakeholder dialogues on the European level.




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