25 April 2024


The essential bodies that organize the functioning of the InnovaWood Network are the General Assembly and the Executive Board.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all the members of InnovaWood.

According to the statutes of InnovaWood, the General Assembly:

  • takes strategic decisions on the policies and activities of InnovaWood from proposals made through the Executive Board
  • approves the annual budget of InnovaWood
  • elects the President, the Vice-President and the members of the Executive Board 
  • endorses the appointment of the Secretary General
  • meets at least once a year

The Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises the President, the Vice-President, Executive Board Members and the  Secretary General. 

According to the statutes of InnovaWood, the Executive Board:

  • is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of InnovaWood
  • controls the budgets and
  • proposes any necessary decisions or actions for the development of InnovaWood


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