26 February 2024
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InnovaWood is an umbrella organisation that integrates four European networks in the Forest, Wood-based and Furniture industries into a more effective mechanism to support innovation in these sectors.

InnovaWood has 60+ member organisations in 28 European countries, including Research and Technology organisations (RTO), higher education and VET institutions which are all related to the forest-based sector.

InnovaWood’s mission is to foster innovation and bring business benefit to the entire value chain from forestry to wood, to furniture and construction. By providing a forum to our member organisations, we enable them to contribute more effectively to the development of the sector. InnovaWood provides a European platform for its members and connected actors to share knowledge and latest information, create synergies, and follow current and future developments and innovative trends, providing strategic orientation in the European research and innovation ecosystem which is evolving in response to the global challenges.

In addition to its membership, InnovaWood forges exchange and partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as industry associations in the forestry and wood sector, other research networks and interest groups both on national and European levels.

Through active participation in European projects on research, innovation and education, and policy-relevant alliances, InnovaWood is also in close contact with numerous actors in other disciplines, including research organizations, companies, innovation clusters, public authorities and decision-makers.

It will be our pleasure to invite you to join us and become a member of this big family that is building future of forestry-based sector.





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