22 January 2022
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InnovaWood is an umbrella organisation that integrates four European networks in the Forest, Wood-based and Furniture industries into a more effective mechanism to support innovation in these sectors.
With more than 50 members from 26 countries we are one of the leading networks of excellence in Forest-Wood based sector. Our members are active in the areas of Research, Education & Training and Technology Transfer.

The overall aim of InnovaWood is to bring business benefit to the forestry, wood and furniture chain by providing a forum for our member organisations to contribute more effectively to the development of the FWC. In particular we seek to support the use of innovation, research, training and education as tools for increasing the competitiveness of European industries in line with the general policies of the European Union.

InnovaWood offers the range of different products and services related to education, research and innovation projects of our members and contributors: From development of new partnerships and collaborations, consultancy and technical support services, seminars, conferences and workshops to the promotion of members capabilities, facilities, products and services and a co-coordinated, representative voice on behalf of members to key decision makers in the EU and forest-based industries.

It will be our pleasure to invite you to join us and become a member of this big family that is building future of forestry-based sector.






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