18 January 2019
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  Underpinning the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bioeconomy

Grant agreement referece: 820892
Project duration: 01.11.2018 - 31.10.2021
EU contribution: 2.973.953,75 Eur
Coordinating entity: VTT Technical Research Center
of Finland Ltd
PO Box 1000, FI 0244 VTT
Coordinator: Anne-Christine Ritschkoff
Email: anne-christine.ritschkoff@vtt.fi
Project website: in progress
The project has received funding from the European Union's
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
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Project summary

WoodCircus increases knowledge, raises awareness and improves conditions for an uptake of resource efficient processing and recycling in wood-based value chains, fostering increased competitiveness of the European woodworking sector. The project links the challenges and opportunities for resource efficiency and cascade use of wood and woodwaste with the aim to enhance the wood construction sector and improve environmental, economic, and social sustainability. The project identifies, evaluates and disseminates the outstanding good practices in process efficiency, wood waste collection, management and recycling in the woodworking value chains in Europe with a focus on wood construction. Achieving a thorough evaluation of the overall system’s performance and a validation of the most relevant transferable solutions, the project produces sound, critical evidence and tangible decision support information for market actors, stakeholders and policymakers. To sustain the European exchange and market uptake of solutions, the project establishes a well-integrated network of the key existing stakeholders, notably between wood processing industries the waste management sector,a nd the RDTI community. It also sets up an interface for feed-in of vital results to the EC Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) and the JRC Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre (BKC). The project implements the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy and the EU Bioeconomy Strategy targets ensuring intelligent utilisation of forest resources and fostering sustainable growth and wellbeing in the EU.

The project produces the following major outcomes:

- Good practice database, a thorough documentation of the state of the art, including an interface to the EC Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) and the Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre (BKC)

- Open competition and award to SMEs, highlighting individual good practice showcases

- Evaluation approach for performance and sustainability assessment, tested on typical value chains

- Best performing supply chains typology, validated for broad transfer

- RTDI plan for wood industries towards the Circular Economy

- White Paper including policy recommendations, endorsed by a broad panel of stakeholders

- WoodCircus Network, established on solid commitments from technical institutes, industries and policy makers for follow-up beyond the project lifetime

- High Level Conference, a major international event promoting the wood sector in the Circular Economy

Info material from partners / videos

 RILEGNO. Circular economy of wood: a new horizon


 BaskEgur. Modelo económico y gestión forestal en Euskadi

 VEOLIA. Recycling and Waste Management

 EGOIN. Sueños - Una historia de Egoin

 EPF. Wood-Based Panel Industry, Circular by Design

References / important publications

 Project partners 

Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs)


VTT Research Center of Finland Ltd (Coordinator) FCBA Institut Technologique, France  InnoRenew Center of Excellence, Slovenia nova-Institut gmbh, Germany  TECNALIA Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Spain  COSMOB Consorzio del Mobile SCPA,   Italy  LUKE Natural Resources Institute Finland 


Sahateollisuus ry The Finnish Sawmills Association  Alfa Natura d.o.o.,    Slovenia  BASKEGUR Asociación De La Madera De Euskadi, Spain  VPFR Veolia Proprete France Recycling, France 

RILEGNO Consorzio Nazionale per la raccolta, il recupero e il riciclaggio deli imballaggi di legno, Italy 

SAIB S.p.A.,Italy   EGOIN S.A.,Spain

 European networks and associations


InnovaWood asbl, Belgium  FTP European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform, Belgium  EPF European Wood-Based Panels Federation, Belgium    




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