18 November 2017
ongoing project

Ongoing Projects

FUNES - Furniture new European skills 2020 
FUNES will generate a interrelationship among various the new skills demanded in the furniture sector in the future years, a system to evaluate whether a worker of this sector has the future skills, and a specific training material that will be generated in order to facilitate the acquisition of these specific skills, recommending aobut the soft skills needded by the current and future workers for this sector.
The training material generated will be in e-learning format to facilate the training at worplace or in a VET centre. Read more

RERAM - Resource Efficiency and Raw Material Use of
Woodworking Industries in Eastern Europe (ENP)
RERAM is an international cooperation project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission in the field of climate protection, resource efficiency and raw materials. It is one of the few FP7-INCO projects addressing the forest-based sector (forestry, woodworking, furniture, paper, bioenergy).The main objective is to reinforce cooperation and coordination of research and technological innovation between the EU and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy programme especially in Eastern Europe.
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Trees4Future - Designing Trees for Future  
Trees4Future is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project that aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures. It will provide the wider European forestry research community with easy and comprehensive access to currently scattered sources of information (including genetic databanks, forest modelling tools and wood technology labs) and expertise.
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