18 November 2017
closed projects

Closed Projects

CTC - Close to Customer
The CTC project aimed to support European Industry to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing methods and innovative enabling technologies towards local flexible manufacturing of green personalized products close to the customer in terms of features offered, place of fabrication, time to deliver, and cost. The ultimate implementation envisions a "green factory behind a glass pane" directly in the Shopping Mall, where the customer witnesses the manufacturing of its personalized furniture. Read more
ECOINFLOW - Energy Control by Information Control
The main project objective is to facilitate implementation of state-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS) for the sawmilling industry sector. Implementation of EMS will enable the sawmilling industry to identify saving opportunities and trigger the implementation of new energy saving measures, which, together with changed behaviour, should lead to a reduction in energy consumption in the sawmilling industry. The project target is to reduce the annual energy consumption of the European sawmilling industry by 1 TWh. The main project target groups are the sawmill industry management and operators, sawmill industry associations and energy saving programs. Read more
CelluWood - Laminated Strong Eco-Material for Building Construction of Cellulose-Strengthened Wood
The project introduces (new) technologies from other sectors for innovative uses in the defect removal and repairing, and laminating of strong wood-based building materials. It facilitates innovation in the use of nano and micro cellulose and bio-resin technologies in timber re-engineering. The final outcome of the project will be the development, testing and demonstration of the novel initiative products.  Read more 
PerformWood - Performance standards for wood in construction - delivering consumer service life need
The project objective is to kick-start the development of new standards to enable the service life specification of wood and wood based materials for construction. This is critical to ensure the future sustainable use of European forests, to ensure customers of wood products get satisfactory and reliable products and to provide supplementary evidence for life cycle evaluations of construction products.   Read more 
WoodSens -Developing and implementing formaldehyde online-senor systems in wood-based panel

WoodSens will develop and apply new sensor technology to the manufacture of wood-based panel products such as particleboards and fibreboards, in order to significantly improve their quality and safety, particularly with regard to their formaldehyde emissions. The new sensor technology when used on-line and combined with statistical process control will enable manufacturers to ensure that 100% of their products conform to the latest and forthcoming regulations on formaldehyde emission. 
EFORWOOD - Sustainability Impact Assesment of the Forestry-Wood Chain
The aim of the project wass to provide methods and tools that will, for the first time, integrate Sustainability Impact Assessment of the whole European Forestry-Wood Chain (FWC), by quantifying performance of FWC, using indicators for all three pillars of sustainability; environmental, economic and societal. The main project product is ToSIA tool. It is decision support Impact Assessment tool that will allow various end-users, such as forest-based industry, national and international policy makers and researchers to analyse the effects of changes due to deliberate actions (e.g. in policies or business activities) or due to external forces (e.g. climate change, global markets).  Read more 

ModelPACK - Advanced Quality Prediction Tool for Knowledge-Driven Packaging Design and Manufacturing
The aim of this project was to improve the international competitiveness of European corrugated board industries, which are mainly SMEs, and of related sectors by an integrated, transnational research approach. Research will be carried out by RTD performers in order to expand the knowledge base and to improve the overall competitiveness of the participating SMEs.   Read more 

  KnowFORWood  - Transfer of innovative practices in the Vocational Education & Training to Slovenian Wood Sector
The main aim of the project was to transfer innovative European Vocational Education & Training solutions to the Slovenian wood sector, so as to set up a fully functioning and recognised VET system adapted to the companies’ knowledge and their training needs.  The long term aim of the project is to support 20 000 potential participants from Slovenian wood sector companies, helping them to become competitive in their work places, and in the EU wood sector as a whole, by implementing modern, flexible VET programmes in the Slovenian wood sector and by supporting it on its way to becoming a knowledge-based economy..  Read more
WOOD EMC² - European Manager Construction Certification
Wood EMC² was a two year project focusing on the creation of new European training modules and a European certification for middle managers in the timber frame house construction industry. The project will specifically address the following issues: a lack of qualified workers in wood construction companies, an aging workforce, deficiencies at management level in many companies, regulations and technologies are in a constant state of evolution and there is a need for middle management to assist with strategy development and team management. read more.  
Read more
DIPP - The Development of Innovative Particleboard Panels for a better mechanical performance and a lower environmental impact
The project aim was to reinforce the technological basis of chipboard manufacturing, and to develop innovative lightweight chipboards that meet mechanical performance requirements and have a reduced environmental impact.   Read more

The CHANGE-UP - Change Management in the Upholstered Furniture 
Industry CHANGE-UP project aimed to help firms in the upholstered furniture sector in Europe to better cope with the problems resulting from restructuring processes.   Read more

  The InnovaWood SSA - An Innovation Strategy to Integrate Industry Needs and Research capability in the European Forestry-Wood Chain
The main objective of the InnovaWood SSA project was to match industry needs and research capabilities through an integrated strategy for innovation in the European forestry- wood chain.  Read more
  InnovWoodEDU - Expanding good practice in vocational education and training in the Forestry-Wood Chain sector through the InnovaWood network
The project specifically addressed the issues of knowledge deficit, developing methods for the analysis of existing skills requirements and forecasting the future need for new skills. In the spirit of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, the development of the InnovaWood network will act as a driver for experiments with new methods in VET practices, organization and delivery.
Read more about EDU project
  Woodism - Specific Support Action 
It was a Specific Support Action under the "Stepping up Economic and Technological Intelligence" (ETI) programme of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Technological Development. The goal was to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in wood-based business in FP6 and in FP7.  Read more
  ArchiWood - Leonardo da Vinci projcet
The main objectives of the project were to: identify the needs of architects in training, to develop a multimedia tool for dissemination amongst European schools and to evaluate the use and applicability of such a tool. The planned objectives were met through a management plan and operational process that was objective and performance oriented. The final project product was presented as CD ROM containing detailed information on 7 significant architectural buildings from throughout Europe.  Read more


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