22 January 2022
SHR - ECOBINDERS: Eco-friendly, emission free, water resistant, 100% renewable binders

SHR Timber Research, Wageningen, Netherlands

ECOBINDERS: Eco-friendly, emission free, water resistant, 100% renewable binders

SHR Timber Research is one of the leading partners in a European research project called Ecobinders. In order to achieve the ambitious project goals, a consortium of 15 industrial SMEs, representing the whole chain of raw material suppliers to the final end producers, have joined their efforts. Due to the multi-disciplinary character of the research, a selected group of outstanding universities and RTD performers will collaborate with the industry in this project, including Innovawood members SP Tratek (Sweden), University of Ghent (Belgium), The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University KVL (Denmark) and EMPA (Switzerland).

The main objectives of the ECOBINDERS project are:
•To develop a new class of biomass based binders consisting of furans and/or sulphur-free
•To develop innovative and sustainable processes for these multifunctional binders by using an
integrated chain approach combining multi-sectorial interests
The first year of the project has seen
To develop durable wood : a sustainable alternative for currently used, but strongly debated
toxic wood protection agents (e.g. chromated copper arsenic salts)
To develop emission-free panel & boards for indoor use to replace the traditionally used,
formaldehyde releasing, products
To develop water and organic solvent resistant 3D design products for in- and outdoor use

Further information on the project and the products shown above can be found on the website http:\\www.ecobinders.net


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