22 January 2022

AIDIMA - Furniture, Wood and Packaging Technology Institute, Valencia, Spain

CADIX- Advanced Technology Sensor for remote biodegradation detection in wooden structures

CADIX is an electronic warning system for the wireless detection of hydrothermal biodegradation conditions in wood for constructions, buildings and other applications and it detects the physical biodegradation of the wood due to the presence of xylophage insects, mainly termites. 


CADIX is the result of research developments during the last years at AIDIMA’s laboratories. Biological activities of wood attacking fungi and insects have been investigated and following the observations physical and chemical models for biodegradation activities have been developed.

The CADIX sensor system is applicable in all types of buildings or houses where monitoring of the hydrothermal biodegradation conditions of the wood is needed. The system allows an early detection of biodegradation and termite attack. It can be used is in the construction sector, in structural elements (beams, columns, …) and also in decorative elements (doors, wood paving, windows, stairs, furniture, wooden art pieces).
With CADIX, you will have the security that the wood in your house will be under surveillance at any moment. It will reduce the termite attacks and the time absorbing and expensive manual inspections to detect them

Developed by: Miguel Angel Abián


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