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04 May 2017
PhD workshop “Think outside of the wooden box!” , 3-6th July 2017, Hamburg
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The workshop is organised by the University Hamburg, Centre of Wood Science and Technology, COST Action FP1407 and InnovaWood.

Target group for the workshop are researchers in the PhD phase and early post-doc researchers. The event aims at connecting ideas of young researchers, active in adjacent topics such as process engineering, building physics, wood and material science. Addressing topics such as anatomical analysis, physical and chemical modification as well as characterization, the workshop intends to cross-link the participants’ competences. This approach aims to gain advanced knowledge on how wood structure influences behaviour of renewable high-performance biomaterials. The results of the workshop may lead to ideas outside of the “wooden box”, benefiting each partner institute as well as the sector as a whole.

Following this workshop InnovaWood organises an excursion on 6 July: Science-Industry interaction What is needed for a good cooperation? The excursion includes three industry visits at Ilim Timber, Huettemann and Egger followed by an interactive discussion workshop in the afternoon.

Cost Action FP1407 provides 15 grants for participating to this event.

The detailed programme and application instructions are provided here

Registration deadline: 5 June 2017.


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