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14 September 2007
Eforwood Training on Indicator Data collection,
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Experiences from the indicator data collection for Single FWCs demonstrated again that not in all cases the necessary indicator values
are readily available per production process. Data collection for certain indicators requires some calculations to derive the agreed
measurement units. It was therefore decided to organize a training session focussing on indicator data collection to support the upcoming
data collection for Case Studies in Eforwood.Objectives of the training session will be to share experiences on best
practices in data collection and to provide guidance on how to calculate/estimate indicator values for which data are not readily
available. Target participants are EFORWOOD experts involved in indicator data collection.
The maximum number of participants in the training shall  not exceed 30.

ISA kindly volunteered to organise the training in
Portugal. The dates have now been set at 29-30 November. Please mark these dates into your
calendars. Further information about the logistics and registrations will follow in due course.

Marcus Lindner
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