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Accommodation arranged by the organiser can only be guaranteed for reservations made up to 21st August. After this date, participants will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation. You may book your accommodation using the following link www.hotels.com. The organiser will of course continue to offer practical support and advice.



When you register you will be asked to indicate whether you wish arranged accommodation. To be able to guarantee you a hotel room you need to register at the very latest by August 21, 2009.

EFORWOOD has reserved hotel rooms at several hotels in Uppsala. Due to other events going on in the city during the same time period, you might find it difficult to find available hotel rooms on your own.

When you register you will be able to indicate your three first choices of hotels. The approximate cost for one single room is 150-200 EUR/night.We will try our very best to meet your preferences. We will arrange bus transportation from those hotels that are located further than 1,5 km away from the conference venue.

Two weeks before the conference you will receive a personal invitation that includes last minute updates and information about at which hotel you have a room reservation.

Please note, registrations are administrated in the order they arrive. The sooner you register the greater chances you have to get your first choice of accommodation.

In case we will not be able to meet your preferences, we will inform you about this before any charges are made.

You will be charged for the accommodation fee along with the conference fee.

Detailed map hotels location


Viktoria Hotell & Konferens*
Approximate price per night and room:
900 SEK (approx 90 EUR)
5 km south east of Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall

Grand Hotell Hörnan
Approximate price per night and room:
1200-1800 SEK (Approx 120-180 EUR)
1 km south west of Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall

Park Inn
Approximate price per night and room:
1700 SEK (Approx 170 EUR)
150 m south of Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall

* Bus transportation will be arranged from Victoria Hotell & Konferens to the conference venue in the morning 23rd and 24th September and back to the hotel after the conference dinner 23rd September.

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