26 February 2024
EFORWOOD Conference October 2007


Sustainability is a very significant concern for all sectors in the European economy and is of enormous importance to the Forest-based sector.
Climate change, forest management related to biodiversity and natural disturbances, rural development, bio-energy, reduction of pollution, the role and financial position of forest owners, globalisation, technologies and consumer trends are just few of the issues facing our sector. The commitment of Europe to the goal of becoming the most competitive knowledge-based society in the world by 2010 (Lisbon Agenda) and the increasing support for the implementation of sustainability concepts in society are some additional factors that influence the sector. The EFORWOOD should give not only a tool for sustainable impact assessment (ToSIA) as its finally product, but also try to change the way people think.


The aim of this conference was to transmit the global project message to those who should be the potential users of project results and to position the EFORWOOD project as possible instrument for increasing sustainability and competitiveness of the FBS. It was a cooperative event between policy and scientific communities, which sought to provide a forum to debate the existing project achievements, the interaction between policy, economic and research communities, as well as the implementation of project results in the future.

Target audience

The conference attracted a large number of international participants from the sector and broader, including:

  • Scientists and researchers from research organisations, universities and industry,
  • Political decision makers from national and EU Parliaments,
  • Industry decision makers from across the Forest-based sector
  • Decision makers from EU Commission and related agencies,
  • Decision makers from national and regional ministries and administrations.
Keynote speakes in brief


Maria Gafo Gómez-Zamalloa. Since 2004, she has been working in the Forest-based Industries Unit of Enterprise and Industry Directorate General. Before joining the Commission, she was consultant with Arthur Andersen, specialised in the Forest sector



   Mikael Eliasson (Setra Group) - Marketing Director of the Swedish Setra Group (Setra Group AB is Sweden’s largest and Europe’s third largest wood products company). Chairman of CEI-Bois.

 Tamas Marghescu (IUCN). The World Conservation Union Regional Director for Europe.Prior to joining IUCN Mr. Marghescu served for six years as special adviser to Hungary's Ministry of Environment, where he was engaged in a wide range of national and international policy issues, such as the establishment of forest protected areas, conservation of biodiversity and the implications of European Union enlargement for the environment. His also sirved as  the Chief Technical Advisor for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Thailand, and to Germany, where he began his career as a forestry officer.


Conference presentations
 TitleSize (Kb) Description
Multicriteria Analysis with Test Chains in Baden-Württemberg - Presentation by Lexer & Wolfslehner 1,128.88Download 
Presentation 10 Risk analysis in Sustainablility Impact Assessment (SIA) of Forest Resource Management - Presentation by Jean-Michel Carnus 5,021.18Download 
Presentation 11 The structure of regional forestry-wood chains - Case Study Baden-Württemberg - Presentation by Gero Becker and Franka Brüchert 1,221.12Download 
Presentation 12 A market perspective on forestry-wood chain sustainability - Presentation by Carl Olsmats 3,335.17Download 
Presentation 13 Sust. Impact Assessment (SIA) Tools for environmental, social and economic effects of multifunctional land use - Pres. by SENSOR 3,157.34Download 
Presentation 14 The use of sustainability indicators in EFORWOOD - Presentation by Ewald Rametsteiner 869.38Download 
Presentation 15 Summary of Conference Day 2 - Presentation by Frits Mohren 57.74Download 
Presentation 2 The forest-based sector - sustainability for competitiveness - Presentation by Mikael Eliasson 1,637.38Download 
Presentation 4 NGO Perspective: Challenges for the sustainability of the forest-based sector - Presentation by Tamas Marghescu 5,030.91Download 
Presentation 5 EFORWOOD in context - Introduction by Kaj Rosén 8,190.46Download 
Presentation 7 EFORWOOD - Presentation by Kaj Rosén 7,598.59Download 
Presentation 8 ToSIA initial results from single chain cases - Presentation by Marcus Lindner 1,454.30Download 
Presentation 9 Scenarios in EFORWOOD - Presentation by Gert-Jan Nabuurs 3,205.56Download 
Welcome - The forest-based sector - Sustainability for competitiveness - EFORWOOD mid-term conference - Introduction by Kaj Rosén1,867.78Download 

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