11 April 2014
InnovaWood survey on the COST Action topics
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Last year InnovaWood carried out a survey on potential COST action topics in the wood science area. The results of this survey are shown in the attached excel document and are used to define the COST Action topics of highest interest to be further developed.
In order to prioritise the proposed COST Action topics InnovaWood invites you to participate in this follow-up survey activity. See survey questionnaire here.

In the survey the proposed COST Action topics are listed following the structure of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Forest-based sector Technology Platform (FTP). 3 simple questions are asked for each proposed topic:
- Are you interested in joining a COST Action on this topic?
- Are you willing to participate in the preparation of a proposal for a COST Action on this topic?
- Are you willing to coordinate a COST Action on this topic?
You are allowed to fill in this questionnaire from a personal point of view and as well reflect the interests of your entire organisation.

Our goal to increase the number of wood related COST Actions in the future. After we will have prioritised all proposed topics InnovaWood will organise the preparation of COST Action proposals, starting with the topics of highest interest.
Additionally, for your information a pdf file is added providing an overview of recent COST Actions in the wood field.

The fill in attached form with COST Action topics should be send back to InnovaWood secretariat (gus.verhaeghe@innovawood.com)  by Wednesday 23rd of April 2014.

Overview: COST Actions in the scope of InnovaWood