20 March 2014
InnovaWood Capability Register - revision survey
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InnovaWood secretariat informs all InnovaWood members that we are carrying on the revision of the InnovaWood Capability Register database. The revised survey is organised by the Knowledge Transfer Division and aims to map the competences of the InnovaWood members in Europe.

Non member’s organisations who wish to be included in this database should contact the InnovaWood Secretariat.

The Capability register contains information on each InnovaWood member and is updated on a regular base. A summary report on this revision will be presented at the InnovaWood General Assembly on 24-25 April. Each member will receive afterwards a personal report. In comparison to the previous version, the Capability Register has been extended and contains more elaborated information. This strategic information is very important for the InnovaWood Secretariat to represent the network and the interests of each individual member with a strong voice.

The Capability Register is an easy and practical tool for information exchange and is used to support and stimulate effective cooperation among IW members. It generates a competence map within our research, innovation and education area of the InnovaWood network. The main reasons for having the Capability Register in Innovawood are the following:

  • Mapping of capacities in key research areas: define critical mass and knowledge;

  • It’s a strong document to stress the importance and strength of our network in Europe;

  • Finding synergy between members;

  • Easy tool for exchanging information and knowledge between researchers;

  • Effective tool for establishing dynamic groups involving researchers with interest in the same scientific areas: opening InnovaWood to all our research staff;

  • Strategic and clear tool for establishing project consortia in selected research areas.

Only one submission is expected from each organisation. However the survey invitation has been sent to all contact persons from each organisation so that you can plan your contribution internally.

The contribution needs to be submitted via the following online form. 

The deadline to send your contribution:  7 April 2014.

For your convenience an excel file of the questionnaire has been produced in order to help you to prepare your answers before submission. The questionnaire is divided into three sections. The first section deals with general information, whereas the second part is a scaling exercise on expertise levels on the strategic themes of the FTP Strategic Research Agenda and other topics of interest. The third section refers to the specific expert areas each InnovaWood member is dealing with.


Important note

In case your membership represents a department/faculty/section that is part of a bigger organisation (like for example a University) it is important that you provide the data of the department/faculty/section you represent and not the data of the overarching organisation.

Non disclosure agreement

The Capability Register is property of InnovaWood and its members. All information in the Capability Register will be kept strictly confidential by the InnovaWood Secretariat. No information of individual members will be made available to third parties.