23 March 2013
The Forest-­‐based Sector launches its revised Vision for 2030 and renewed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2020
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The 8th FTP conference, held in Barcelona on 12-­‐13 March, saw the launch of the forest-­‐based sector’s revised Vision for 2030 and renewed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for 2020 (SRA).

The updated Vision document sets its sights on a changing world with an ever increasing need for sustainable and resource efficient production of biomass and products, whilst the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRA) will map the way to achieving this objective; the forest-based sector is strongly positioning itself as a key actor and enabler of the evolving biobased society.
All three documents, the Vision, SRA and its Annex, available for download:

        Vision 2030






During this 2-days event over 200 experts, researchers, industry representatives and policy makers, from 25 countries, debate and discuss the future of the forest-based sector, on what kind of contribution it could and should make to the biobased economy and to discover new trends in research and innovation. A number of high-level speakers offered their comments and reflexions on future prospects for the European forest-based sector, including Göran Persson (President ThinkForest, former Prime Minister of Sweden), Alfonso Beltrán García-Echániz (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), Josep María Pelegri (Catalan Minister for Agriculture and Forestry), Ignacio de Colmenares (CEO ENCE), Riikka Joukio (Senior Vice-President, Metsä Group), Kimmo Järvinen (Secretary General EOS), Duncan Mayes (Senior Vice-President Stora Enso) and Anders Wijkman (Co-President of the Club of Rome).

Some of the presentations/speeches can be downloaded at:

More on FTP http://www.forestplatform.org/en/