06 April 2012
Seminar on FP7 Infrastructure project "Trees4Future" 1st March 2012
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Transnational access to key research infrastructures and tools in the field of forestry and wood technology in Europe.

In order to make the wood and forestry related research more efficient and “European”, the “designing Trees for the future” (Trees4Future) project was called into being in the end of November 2011 within the scope of the EU’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Innovation, with the aim to interlink different European institutions in the fields of forest genetics, forest tree breeding and forest ecology and to unify and synchronize analysis and modeling techniques between the laboratories, as well as the set-up of a web-based platform for the exchange of methods and data. The four-year project involves 28 participants from 16 EU countries.
The total budget of the four-year project is approximately 9 million EUR and it is co-funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

The first meeting of the project partners was held in Orléans, France on 17-19 February 2012.

This Seminar organisaed on the second day of the General Assembly 2012 informed the participants of the InnovaWood General Assembly about the funding opportunities for transnational access to wood research infrastructure in Europe. The first call for the transnational accesses will open in April 2012.

Members of the InnovaWood network and simultaneous participants of the “Trees4Future” project presented their infrastructure and research tools.

BOKU: Alfred Teischinger: Wood anatomical, chemical, physiological and biomechanical infrastructures
CNR-IVALSA: Marco Fellin: Wood quality lab and FT-NIR spectrometry Platform
FCBA: Frédéric Rouger: Fungi and insect collections and the Physic labs.
Innventia: SilviScan measurement and evaluation (presented by Joris Van Acker)
IICT: FLOR: Forestry and Forest products Center (presented by Alfred Teischinger)
UGent: Joris van Acker: A coupled differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetric Analyzer
UGent: Jan van den Bulcke: X-ray CT scanner.