15 October 2008
EFORWOOD Workshop on Chain Designing
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The workshop was held from 24 to 26 of September 2008 at IFER, Jilové u Prahy, Czech Republic. The main purpose of the workshop was to build the topology of the EU-FWC in the EFORWOOD database using the EFORWOOD database client. EFORWOOD experts worked individually on creating sub-chains for the EU-FWC, IFER attended on to solve technical problems. The workshop also offered the possibility to discuss other scientific matters related to the project.

During the workshop following sub-chains were established:
o M2: M2 does not use the „country group“concept, up to now sub-chains for 17 countries is finished. The rest will be done during the next week. This is very nice, than the M2 topology is completely finished.
o M3: There are eastern, southern, Nordic and central sub-chains ready
o M4: Pulp and paper: There are eastern, southern, Nordic and central sub-chains ready; wood and bioenergy still to be adjusted
o M5: There are southern, Nordic and central sub-chains ready, wood part still to be adjusted

The further steps to finalize the topology will be:
o The new created sub-chains will be finalized / adjusted by modules; IFER will merge all those sub-chains into one big chain before the EFORWOOD week in Bordeaux.
o We would like to ask for a session in Bordeaux to link the module parts of the chain.
The country group sub-chains will be copied for each country